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Perkins replacement oil pump 4132F071

Perkins Replacement Oil pump 4132F071 is used for Perkins 1103/1104 series engine .we are a large China supplier & exporter of the alternative & aftermarket parts for Perkins diesel engines . high quality & affordable price & best quality warranty .

Parts name Oil pump
Parts number 4132F071
Matched engine model Perkins 1103/1104C-44/T/1104D
Net weight (kg) 3.1

This is a New oil pump, it is an aftermarket part which can replace the original Perkins oil pump we have sold it to so many customers and it has past the quality test which can make sure your engine works properly.The followings are the oil pump list that we can provide for Perkins engines . Which is your request ? Welcome to contact us : WhatsApp(Wechat)/008613180040085

Item Parts name Parts number Matched engine model
2 oil pump 4132F012/41314184/41314175 Perkins AT4.236/T4.236
3 oil pump 4132F051/4132F046/4132F039/4132F035/4132F027/4132F025 Perkins 1004.4/4.236/1000
4 oil pump 4132F043/4132F028/4132F022 Perkins 1006.6/6.6/1000
5 oil pump 41314182/41314061/41314054/41314038 Perkins 1004/4.236/4.248
6 oil pump 4132F056/4132F052 /4132F045/4132F038 /4132F034 /4132F026 /4132F024 Perkins 1004-4T/1004-40S/1004G/1000
7 oil pump 4132F057/4132F044/4132F029/4132F023 Perkins 1000/1006
8 oil pump 4132F067 Perkins 1106C-E60TA
9 3cylinder oil pump 41314187/41314178/41314192 /41314165 /41314079 /41314021 /41314026 /41314043 /41314073/41314078 Perkins D3.152/900
10 oil pump U5MK8266/165026260 Perkins 104-22/403C-15/403C-17/404C-22/404C-22T/103-12
11 oil pump U5MK8267/339-3017 Perkins 404D-22T/404D-22TA/403D-17/403D-15/T
12 oil pump 4132F071/4225294M1 MF/4225294V1/30/90-606 BEPCO/225-8329 CATERPILLAR/915-821 FG Wilson Perkins 1103/1104C-44/T/1104D
13 oil pump 4132F072/4225295M1 Massey Ferguson/30/90-607 BEPCO Perkins 1103/1104
14 Excavator oil pump 4132F073/4225296M1 Massey Ferguson Perkins 1100/1103/1104
15 lub oil pump T410626/T419939 /4132F081/4132F076 /4132F075/4132F074 /4132F068 Perkins 1106/1006


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