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Deutz shutoff solenoid 04513019

Deutz shutoff solenoid 04513019 is popular used for construction machines .we are a large China supplier & wholesaler of  the replacement & aftermarket parts for Deutz engines . high quality & affordable price & best quality warranty .

Parts name shutoff solenoid
Parts number 04513019/02938081/04256591
Matched engine model Deutz TCD2013L062V/BF6M1013
Net weight (kg) 0.6

This is a New shutoff solenoid, it is an aftermarket part which can replace the original Deutz shutoff solenoid, we have sold it to so many customers and it has past the quality test which can make sure your engine works properly.The followings are the shutoff solenoid list that we can provide for Deutz engines . Which is your request ? Welcome to contact us : WhatsApp(Wechat)/008613180040085

Item Parts name Parts number Matched engine model
1 shutdown device 12-24V 04513019/02938081/04256591 Deutz TCD2013L062V/BF6M1013
2 shutdown device 12-24V 04513018/02938082/04256592 Deutz TCD2013L062V/BF6M1013
3 shutdown device 12v 04234373/04233841 Deutz 914 engine
4 shutdown device 24V 04234303 Deutz 914 engine
5 shutdown device 12V 04103812/04103808 Deutz F3L1011/F3M1011/F4L2011/F4M2011
6 shutdown device 12V 04287583/04287116/04272956/04272934 Deutz F3L1011/F3M1011/F4L2011/F4M2011
7 shutdown device 24V 04287584/04287117 Deutz F3L1011/F3M1011/F4L2011/F4M2011
8 shutdown device 12V 02113788/04199900/04206912/02938080 Deutz BF4M1012/BF4M2012/BF6M1012
9 shutdown device 24V 02113789/04199901/04206913 Deutz bfm1012/BFM2012
10 shutdown device 12V 02113790/04199902/04206915 Deutz BFM1013
11 shutdown device 24V 02113791/04199903 Deutz BFM1013
12 shutdown device 12V 02113792/04199904/04206914 Deutz 1012/2012
13 shutdown device 24V 01181665/01176258/01177321/01180814/01179933/ Deutz 912/913/511/413/513/1015
14 shutdown device 12V 01181663/01180813/01183253/ Deutz 912/913/511/413/513/1015


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